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Badboy Blasters knows you’re looking for a blast cabinet that’s going to fit your shop like a glove- not something that won’t perform to your satisfaction or meet your needs. That’s why they design and build the toughest functioning sandblasters on the market today.

You’ve likely come across a cheap blast cabinet in your quest to find the perfect one. When it comes to a sandblaster, you won’t get any work done with a cheap unit. That being said, you don’t want to overpay either, which is why Badboy Blasters offers high quality units at affordable prices. They believe in providing their customers the best possible product without inflating their prices.

Before you buy the first blast cabinet you locate that looks as though it will do the job, there are a few things you should consider first. It’s essential to determine what your needs will be when picking out a blast cabinet. Consider a few of the following points when looking at models:

- What kind of space can your shop dedicate to the cabinet? Are you limited in space? Take a rough measurement and go from there.

- Will there be a need to work on more than one item at a time? If not, don’t be tempted to go bigger just because the unit looks better.

- Consider calling tech at Badboy Blasters at 330-413-5262 if you have any questions about choosing the right unit.

Badboy Blasters’ BB1500 XLD Abrasive Sand Blast Cabinet is one of their most popular models and is affordably priced. It features an internal fluorescent lighting system that makes it a pleasure to blast items of all sizes. Internal lighting is really a must unless you feel like removing the item over and over to get a closer look at how the work is going. Additional features of the BB1500XLD include:

- A very generous 74” x 29” work area that will keep production moving in your shop
- Complete side access through doors located on both ends of the cabinet- very convenient!
- Door shut-off sensors that completely eliminate the possibility of operating the cabinet if the doors are accidentally left open.
- Twin foot-controlled semi-fixed blasting guns
- Twin hand-held blasting guns
- Powder coated on the inside and outside for superior wear
- Natural rubber blasting gloves
- 14 gauge steel legs
- Self-contained twin vacuum systems with filters
- And much more.

The BB1500 XLD is available with financing so you can get it placed quickly in your shop and get to work. Financing on this model is just $68 a month and you can apply right over the website at This unit is part of the Magnum Series. To see more in this or another cabinet series, feel free to browse the website.

You will not find a better sand blast cabinet on the market at a better price. Badboy Blasters is committed to bringing their customers the highest quality product available- and is dedicated to doing that in a way that meets each customer’s needs. Blast Cabinet
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Blast Cabinet
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