Diamond3 Bridge Saw

Diamond3 Bridge Saw

It is no doubt that the Diamond 3 bridge saw lives up to being the industry standard when it comes to cutting-edge bridge saw machinery. Its continuous smooth cutting motion delivers clean, precise cuts with smooth edges all in record time makes it a must-have for industry professionals. This wet saw is designed for cutting ceramic, porcelain, glass, marble, and granite up to 120cm in thickness. The blade on the bridge saw can also be angled, allowing you to make precise beveled cuts with ease. This makes it a very resourceful tool when undertaking heavy-duty construction.

This wet saw is fitted with a powerful 1.5Kw or 2.2kW direct-drive motor, making it perfect for cutting through the hardest tiles and stone. It also makes it handy for performing more labor-intensive projects such as commercial construction. Since the motor is made to withstand rigorous use, it minimizes the risk of damage, ensuring the machine's longevity.

The Diamond 5 bridge saw is made of quality stainless steel, which prevents it from rusting, allowing easy maintenance. This is especially important, considering it's a wet saw, meaning water is essential for its proper functioning. It also makes cleaning a breeze afterward.

Diamond 3 Bridge saw manufacturers had developed specialized blades that provide five times the cutting life of any standard diamond blade on the market. This is highly convenient considering the tasking labor conducted by the machinery. It is also great value for money because users will not have to purchase new blades frequently, making it a great selling point for the bridge saw suppliers and dealers. The stainless steel rollers and cutline indicators facilitate accurate and precise cutting.

Another upside of this bridge saw is its superior design, specially created to prevent debris from getting into the precision guideways while working, thereby protecting your machine from damage.

Apart from the saw's ability to make precise linear cuts, it is also equipped with a Miter and Plunge cutting feature making it useful for various projects, including making grooves and outlets on surfaces.

The machine is also pretty convenient for transportation and storage. You can also quickly load it into your truck, thanks to the two small wheels attached at the base.

With such an extensive list of fantastic qualities, searching for a Diamond 3 Bridge saw machine for sale should be your next step. Getting your hands on one of these will elevate your working experience.

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Diamond3 Bridge Saw
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Diamond3 Bridge Saw
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