Electrical Supplies Mozambique

Electrical Supplies Mozambique



Are you looking for electrical supplies in Mozambique? Premier Cabos LDA is your premier supplier in Mozambique, and we make delivers even in the far north. You can count on us to get your electrical supplies to you. Contact us today.


What Type Electrical Supplies Do We Stock?


We have the following electrical supplies in Mozambique ready for delivery to your job-site:


  • Utility Poles
  • Mini Substations—Mini Substations are just small versions of larger substations.
  • Line Accessories—Electrical accessories
  • Lighting
  • Electrical Transformers—use electromagnetic induction to pass an alternating current from one circuit to another.
  • Electrical Cables—are an assembly of one or more bundled wires that are used to carry electrical current.
  • Distribution Boards—These are also known as a breaker or electrical panels and divide the power feed into different circuits and provide a circuit breaker for each circuit in the same closure.
  • Circuit Breakers—Breakers are designed as a safety measure and will stop the flow of electrical current to your circuit breaker and protect against fires caused by an overloaded circuit, a shorted circuit or a ground fault.



What Services Do We Offer?


Turnkey Installations:

We have an electrical team that that is led by a professional, highly trained, and experienced electrical engineer. Our technical team can design, supply the parts, and fully install your electrical project for you.



We offer support on all transformers and mini-substations when requested.  This maintenance service includes:

Delivering Complete Test Reports

Adding or Exchanging The Transformer Oil (depending on the needs)

General Maintenance



We install the following for your electrical project:

Transformer Installation

Mini-Substation Installation

We will build and install medium voltage lines, (up to 33kV)

We install medium voltage panels in transformer rooms. Plus, we run and connect all the cables to the main switchboards.

Repair and replace medium voltage equipment as needed.



Consulting Services:

Even if you choose not to have us install your electrical equipment, we are happy to join your consulting team. This will help ensure you comply with all governmental requirements.


Why Work with Us?


Our technicians are professional and highly trained. We have been in business since 2010 providing wholesale prices on electrical equipment, expert assistance, and delivery anywhere in Mozambique. If you are looking for electrical supplies in Mozambique, we have what you need. We are known for being a one-stop company that has all the supplies required for your low to medium voltage electrical projects.


We are open six days a week and during the December holidays so you can always get electrical supplies if you have an emergency. If you are in northern Mozambique, you know that getting anyone to deliver supplies is tricky. Not for us. We provide delivery throughout the entire country.


Our professionals can help you get your electrical project done on time and within your budget. If you are an electrical installer, factory owner, contractor, mine operator farmer, or utility company, we know we have the supplies, knowledge, and skills to help you. Contact Premier Cabos LDA today.

Electrical Supplies Mozambique

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