Laser Drilling Machine

Laser Drilling Machine

Laser micromanufacturing is the process of marking, cutting, drilling, and welding of materials that involve micro-parts of minute components. Micromanufacturing makes use of lasers to produce a specific product or design. It is used by a range of industries, including research, medical, automotive, and technology.

Laser micromanufacturing is used for the production of intricate and sophisticated designs, manufacturing of medical devices, prototype creation, product development, and research. Take your time to learn more about the laser micromanufacturing.

What is femtosecond laser micromachining?

This helps you remove microscopic layers from several different surfaces, without damaging or heating the key component. The level of precision needed for this application is almost impossible to achieve by hand, for instance, making jewelry and watches. 

The inclusion of Femtosecond lasers to commercial lasers started in the late 20th century. The femtosecond laser micromachining workstations are superior in terms of precision, speed, and autonomous processing. The femtosecond is faster than a nanosecond, and it represents one quadrillionth of a second. Femtosecond laser micromachining at such rates increases efficiency and quality in high-volume production systems.

Importance of laser micromachining

Most laser micromachining systems are configured with motion control systems and highly accurate optics. Laser micromachining systems are also highly flexible and can be configured to weld, drill, cut, deposit, engrave materials. Moreover, the devices are contactless, so they don’t undergo load-bearing and tool wear like a traditional cutting machine.

With laser micromachining, you also have the ability to machine any material, including polymers, metals, silicon wafers, and ceramics. In addition to that, it also has the capability to attain features as small as one micron with submicron tolerances. Last but not least, laser micromachining is cost-effective for both large and small volume applications. 

What is Precision Micromachining? 

Micromachining is the precise manufacturing and milling of minimal products and parts. Precision is fundamental in determining process capability. Because of the limitations with conventional micromachining techniques, laser micromachining is fast becoming the process of choice, allowing you to achieve the exact requirements.

Precision micromachining helps to establish consistency with dimensions between product parts so that you can create products one by one. If you want access to controlled and predictable turnaround times, contact Laserod’s Systems Division today for more information.

Why does the laser hole vary in size?

The most significant difference between laser machining and conventional machining is that the laser is a contactless process. The hole drilled by the laser drilling machine depends on the laser light interacting with the workpiece at an atomic level. The devices that consist of ionized gas is ejected from the workpiece and captured by an extraction system. 

So, the laser hole is mostly determined by the parameters of the laser beam, such as the power and laser wavelength. Then it is also determined by the interaction between the laser lights and workpiece. 

Micromachining is our specialty at Laserod’s Systems Division. 

We offer micromachining services to microelectronic, semiconductor, and medical industries, providing them with the right expertise to improve their competitiveness across the industry. If you have more questions about Micromachining or laser equipment such as laser drilling machines and laser cutting systems, get in contact with us.


Laser Drilling Machine
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Laser Drilling Machine
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