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Product design company

Product design company


There are many misconceptions about product design. Many people think it is about a product’s aesthetics, but product design is more about the functionality of a consumer product.

Steve Jobs famously said "design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works."

We define product design as the processes involved in creating a new product, starting from identifying a problem to designing a solution. Good product design companies create solutions, and we have been doing that for over 30 years at Tarlow Designs.


Identifying A Good Product Design Company

The design of your consumer product will determine how well it will do in the market. If it solves a nagging problem or makes life easier for people, they will buy it. Therefore, it is vital you work with a proven product design company to transform your ideas into problem-solving products.

But how do you know which product designer to work with?

Ken Tarlow, our founder, has designed over 500 products, for entrepreneurs and companies in the past three decades. This includes the Donut Factory, which is available at Kohls and other retailing outlets.

He has been designing models since he was 8, which has been the backbone of our business success. We have won several awards for our designs including Conrad Hilton Entrepreneur Award and Who’s Who of American Inventors.

Our message is simple: A good product designer is one that has proven over time that they can breathe life into your ideas without making silly mistakes that will result in accidents. Which then leads to lawsuits.


Product Design at Tarlow Design

We design all parts of your consumer products with complete precision. Product design at Tarlow Designs starts with product evaluation. We evaluate your product to know if it is producible, marketable, and safe.

Then we proceed to draw and construct each part of the product with our Solidworks CAD software. Our Solidworks CAD software enables us to produce accurate designs.

Every part of your product is designed with the manufacturer in mind so they can be made efficiently. We also consider the materials to be used, thickness of the product wall, and assembly technique when designing a product.

We perform stress analysis on each part of the product using our Solidworks CAD software. This stress analysis is to ascertain if the product wall thickness can carry the load they will face.

Having worked with on over 500 products, we have designed products with different materials plastic, steel, wood, etc. and can thus assure you of swift manufacturing and assembling.

While product design is mainly about functionality, we try to design products that eye-catching. This is important for marketing. So, our engineers and artists come together to design products that work and look good.

Who Are We?

We are Tarlow Designs, an award-winning product design company based in San Francesco.

We pride ourselves as a comprehensive solution for product development, prototype manufacturing, consumer product design, product manufacturing and licensing.

If you need an excellent product design company to turn your brilliant concept into a problem-solving product that is marketable, please email us at or contact Ken Tarlow via phone on 415-726-1354.

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