Swisstrax Canada

Swisstrax Canada

Competition breeds in all industries, especially when it is easy to produce the same product. You may be surprised how many different kinds of interlocking floor tiles are available in the market and how all of them have excellent potential for durability and superior aesthetics.

Swisstrax is a chief competitor in the industry and has built a reputation for producing designs with several advantages over many other options. People looking for options with a cosmetic perk will find many good options in this brand. So what is different about Swisstrax?

Reasons We Stock Swisstrax In Canada

Swisstrax has grown steadily over the years because it constantly introduces new technology to its collections. They have found several ways to mix designs that allow more durability and offer excitingly beautiful results for all types of aesthetic needs.

A List Of Common Swisstrax Floor Tiles


Vinyltrax is a rigid interlocking structure that has the potential to offer a completely custom look for your floor. The brand has several different aesthetics for this category, including wood grain patterns, carbon texture, and glossy black or white floors.

All vinyl options are resistant to stains, which means you can use any color and never have to worry about the long-term cleanliness.


The design follows the same concept as vinyltrax, but it allows one to add a custom logo or image directly onto the surface. Many people choose this when they want a custom touch to the garage flooring, especially for a private gym or simply an at-home gym.


The Swisstrax garage floor uses carpet in place of vinyl, which means the entire product has an entirely different material compared to the first two outlined above. The main drawback of this one is that it tends to stain a lot more and is therefore not the best for rooms with a lot of spills or traffic.


The Swisstrax flooring tiles get their name from the natural diamond because they interlock in the same manner. The brand has created this particular product to have a smooth finish and better interlocking ability than the rest.

Should You Get Swisstrax From Chinook Auto Supplies?

Swisstrax is a reputable company that likes to build a trustworthy relationship with consumers. We are a retail business that stocks the best of the brand and like to follow suit by maintaining reasonable prices and excellent customer support. You should consider buying from us because we are a very forward-thinking company that understands what people are looking to get from the brand, and hence put in a lot of effort to make sure you can achieve these desires.

Customers ordering from Canada will receive their orders within a much shorter timeframe and not have to sacrifice the reasonable price or quality by buying from us.

Check out some of the Swisstrax garage drainage tiles in store to make your order, and feel free to get in touch if you have related concerns.

Swisstrax Canada
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