Hydraulic Torque Wrench
Calibration + Repairs

Rebellion has a reputation for quick, quality turnarounds and 24/7 availability. We’re proud to be the leading provider in Grand Prairie and Northern Alberta for certified calibration of pumps and hydraulic torque wrench repairs, as well as sales and rentals of industrial torque tools, hydraulic torque wrenches, adjustable torque wrenches, and hydraulic pumps in Alberta.

Our professional, experienced staff provide efficient and precise service every time. Need to rent manual or hydraulic torque wrenches, industrial torque tools, or just an adjustable torque wrench? We’ve got what you need!

When you need services—whether you’re running oilfield, bridge construction, railways, heavy duty mechanics, tire shops, or any other heavy industry—our location within 200 kms of Fox Creek and Fort St. John and our 24 hour availability means we’re always here.

We are the experts in hydraulic torque tools and wrenches and adjustable torque wrenches! Over the years, we’ve gotten to know many of our customers, and we really value these relationships! Whether you’ve been coming to Rebellion for sales, services, and rentals for a long time or it’s your first visit, you’ll get our uniquely Canadian efficiency and precision—along with the best customer service!

Can’t make it to our site? We’ll come to you. Our mobile unit is ready for dispatch. We provide onsite calibration, repair, pickup, and delivery. Again, if you need to rent any of our industrial torque tools, service your tools onsite using our certified calibration services, or get that adjustable torque wrench that’s essential for the job, give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest.

Mobile Repair Unit


Hydraulic torque wrenches are available 24/7


Precisely calibrated pressure gauges and torque wrenches


We fix all makes and models


Quality, accuracy, safe and efficient products


Have a question about turnarounds, industrial torque tools, or services and rentals?

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